Venom Skin Care

Under normal circumstances, your skin would thank you for saving it from the sting of a bee. But when you come across bee venom skin care products and look the other way, you can be rest assured that your skin is bound to feel disappointed. Bee venom, popularly called nature’s Botox, is the latest buzz in the world of skin care, and for all the right reasons. Usually, when a bee stings you, your skin swells up and itches for a couple of days. However, when you use bee venom skin care products, your skin is fooled into believing that you’ve been stung, thereby bringing about a plumping and tightening sensation which instantly makes you look more beautiful.

Does it Really Work?
The production of collagen and elastin proteins reduces as our skin begins to age and lose some of the exuberance of youth. This often results in complex aging issues such as fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles. To make things even worse, modern day lifestyles, improper diet and polluted cities can accelerate this process. Bee venom could prove to be that extra step your skin care regimen needed. Experts believe that bee venom works by encouraging the production of elastin and collagen, thereby reversing the adverse effects of aging and making your skin look more beautiful in the process. Our unique product formulations pair bee venom with other high-quality skin care ingredients to give you a luxurious experience that helps you take your skin care regimen to the next level.

But What Happens to the Bees?
Usually, when a bee stings a person, it loses its stinger, which ultimately results in its death. However, collecting bee venom is neither stressful for the bees, nor is it harmful. Bee venom is usually collected using a glass sheet which encourages the bees to pump out a small amount of venom into the glass. This sheet is then removed from the beehive and the venom is sent for purification. The bee continues with its normal life because stinging the glass doesn’t force it to lose its stinger.

Is it Safe?
Bee venom skin care products are safe for use on all types of skin. However, if you’re allergic to bees, you might want to check with your dermatologist before using such products.

Celebrity Endorsements
A number of international stars and royalty believe in bee venom therapies and products. Kate Middleton has reportedly used bee venom treatments before the royal wedding to look her beautiful best and famous faces such as Victoria Beckham and Kylie Minogue are also reported fans of bee venom products.

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