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Take control of your skin care regimen with Venofye’s exhaustive list of skin care products and collections that are bound to suit your exact skin needs. At Venofye, we believe that any product is only as good as the ingredients that it contains, which is why we pay a great deal of attention to offering the best possible formulations in each of our skin care products.

We completely believe in bee venom, it is integral to everything we do, but we also believe in those traditional superstars who have been responsible for beautifying skin for ages. This page introduces you to some of the ingredients that can be found in our skin care products, ingredients that help you reduce the appearance of the signs of aging, without dampening your efforts to better looking skin.

Honey beeBee Venom
Let’s first introduce you to our superstar, the reason why we exist. Bee venom has recently offered an exciting answer to one of our most daunting issues – aging. The use of this ingredient helps in reducing the look of acne, wrinkles and fine lines. Researchers believe that skin reacts to bee venom as if it’s been stung, which triggers an increase in the production of collagen and elastin in your skin, thereby making it look and feel plumper, tighter and younger. Bee venom is also known to comprised of 21 naturally occurring components such as enzymes, amino acids and peptides.

While bee venom steals the show, our products would never feel as thrilling as they do without the use of other essential skin care ingredients, ingredients that have been healing our skin for ages. Lets take a look at some of our other superstars.

Green Tea

Green Tea
One ingredient that stands out in our support cast is green tea, an ingredient that has been proven to offer anti-aging benefits to the skin. Dozens of studies have pointed out its antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties and topical use of green tea doesn’t lead to any adverse effects either. Studies conducted on human skin have also shown that green tea polyphenols can prevent UVB-induced immune suppression, something that directly results in better looking skin. Finally, green tea is very rich in EGCG, an antioxidant that can reduce UV damage and prevent the breakdown of collagen.

Collagen structure

Talking about collagen, did you know that the collagen production in our skin diminishes as we age? Since those collagen proteins are directly responsible for defining how we look, one of the main reasons that we develop things like lines and wrinkles is the lower production of collagen in our skin as we age. So assisting the skin by adding topical collagen through your skin care routine makes sense, doesn’t it?


Red bell peppers

Retinyl Palmitate
Retinyl palmitate, the ester of vitamin A, is one of the most talked about ingredients in the world of skin care. Vitamin A has hundreds of studies to its name, and is considered to be one of the top anti-aging ingredients on the planet. It stimulates the production of collagen in the skin and also helps in accelerating skin renewal. The ingredient is also famous as a powerful antioxidant, which means that it protects skin from free radical damage and promotes a smoother look.

Chemical formula of hyaluronic acid.

Sodium Hyaluronate
Sodium hyaluronate occurs naturally in the skin, which makes it a great non-toxic solution for anti-aging. Sodium hyaluronate also has the ability to attract and retain moisture and hold water up to 1,000 times its weight. This makes it one of the best hydrating ingredients to look for in your skin care products.

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